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Virtual Fundraising

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, fundraising for charities has taken a big hit.

But, fundraising does not have to stop all together.

We know it is difficult during these uncertain times, but why not get involved and support the ED Society from the comfort of your own home – virtually.

What can you do? Here as some virtual fundraising ideas to get you started:

Declutter and Donate

Fundraisers can declutter their home and donate their unwanted items through their unique Ziffit link or by using the free Ziffit app.

You can also encourage supporters to donate their unwanted goods, by sharing their Ziffit link with friends, family, colleagues and on social media.

By clearing out your bookshelves and cupboards, in a few easy steps, you can turn your unwanted goods into precious pounds for The ED Society.

#DecultterandDonate here

Reading for rewards

Many of our friends and family will be feeling lonely at this time. Why not offer to read to them daily for a donation to the ED Society. You could even write your own stories and share them with others?

At home dinner party

Dining out might not be possible now, so why not ask friends and family to donate the “dough” they would have spent at a restaurant and host a virtual dinner party. Prepare your meal, agree a time to log on and have a great evening without the piles of washing up to do afterwards!

Virtual pub quiz

Use Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or Google Hangouts to hold a virtual pub quiz. Set up a Virgin Money Giving page and ask your guests to make a donation to take part.

Donate to The ED Society

Many of us are finding that we are working from home or cancelling activities outside of the house. This may mean that you find that we are saving money on travel or other expenses. If you are able to, you may want to consider donating those savings to the ED Society.

Virtual movie night

Use Netflix’s Party feature and host a movie night for you and your friends, with everyone logging on from their sofa at home and donating the cost of a cinema ticket to your Virgin Money Giving page or here on the donation page.

Virtual carboot sale

Declutter and donate! Virgin Money Giving has teamed up with Ziffit.com for you to turn unwanted books, games and DVDs into donations without leaving your home! It’s completely free and Ziffit will collect your stuff from your front door safely. What are you waiting for? It’s time for a spring clean!

Indoor sports day

Host an indoor challenge event for your children. Who can do the most handstands, keepie uppies, or stay silent for the longest? Parents could then donate £5 to the ED Society?

Friday night drinks

Used to having a drink with colleagues or friends on a Friday night? You still can! Have a drink together online and each person can donate the price of their favourite drink to us.

Virtual online classes

Are you qualified in anything? Why not teach your classes online and ask each student to donate a certain amount to us? They learn a new skill whilst donating to the ED Society.

Donate your commute

If you are saving money on your daily commute to work – and even better, if you are a season ticket holder and have secured your refund from your rail or bus company – why not donate some to us?