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Ways to Donate

You can make a real difference in the lives of children and adults affected by an Ectodermal Dysplasia syndrome by supporting the ED Society. When you donate to the Society, your gift will immediately go to work in providing support services and hope to our families.

The ED Society depend on donations for its future and there are several ways in which you can help:

  • Use the red donate button to go to our donation page and pay through PayPal or Virgin Money Giving.
  • Make a one-off donation by sending a cheque made payable to the ED Society.
  • Click on the Easyfundraising button to shop. Any subsequent sales, of any type, will generate funds for the Society, but every time you shop you must enter through the Society’s website to generate the funds.
  • Create a Standing Order to pay regular donations via your Bank.
  • Send a book of stamps (to help cover our postage costs).
  • Hold a fundraising event.
  • Any donation, no matter how small or large, will be of tremendous help to the work we do in supporting all individuals who have experience of Ectodermal Dysplasia.

Payroll Giving

This is a flexible scheme which enables you to make charitable donations straight from your gross salary (before tax has been deducted) giving you immediate tax relief on the value of your donation.

Payroll Giving donations are deducted before tax so each £1.00 you give will only cost you 80p, and if you’re a higher rate tax payer it will only cost you 60p. Therefore, a £10.00 donation using the basic rate of 20% would cost the employee £8.00 and a £10.00 donation using the higher rate of 40% would cost the employee £6.00 (the taxman pays the rest!)

Payroll Giving (also known as Give As You Earn or Workplace Giving) is a valuable, long term source of revenue, providing regular income to help the ED Society budget and plan ahead more effectively. Employees can choose to support any charity of their choice with a regular donation direct from their pay.

Higher rate taxpayers – the only way to pass on your 40% or 45% tax to charities. Only 28% can be recuperated via other ways of giving.

For example, to donate £1.00 you pay

80p if you are a lower rate tax payer,

60p if you are a higher rate tax payer or

55p if you are an additional tax payer.

Furthermore, many employers are encouraging the scheme by matching their employee’s donations. This can be done regularly or as a one off!

As an organisation we rely totally on donations and fundraising. There are many ways your company can get involved:

  • As an employee you could try to get your company interested by nominating the ED Society to receive fundraising donations/
  • Get some work mates together to fundraise.

Match Giving

Many companies offer Match Giving schemes as a way of encouraging employees to contribute to charitable organisations, by joining the scheme your Company will match and Double Your Donation! Ask your company’s personnel department if they offer such a scheme.

Donate Items for Auction/Raffle

The ED Society can always use items to auction at their special events or to give as prizes for a raffle. Items may be tickets to national sports events, theatre/cinema, weekends away, restaurant meal, family day out, etc. Why not ask your Company if they would like to donate any items?

Goodwill gifts

Honour a birthday, Christmas or anniversary. Instead of receiving gifts you may like to ask for money to be donated to the ED Society.


Please look at our Fundraising page to see how you can very easily fundraise at work or at school.

Gift Aid

This costs you nothing at all – if you or a member of your family is a UK taxpayer then the ED Society can reclaim the tax made on donations and membership at no additional cost to you. For example, if make a £10 donation to the ED Society, we can reclaim 25% from the Inland Revenue making your total donation worth £12.50!

If you are a UK taxpayer and would like us to claim the additional 25% please download a Gift Aid Form and return it with your donation.

The Gift Aid Emergency Relief Campaign 2020

We are proud to be ambassadors for the The Gift Aid Emergency Relief campaign, which is calling for a temporary change in the rate at which Gift Aid is paid out.  This is to help charities access vital funds they need to survive, at a time when they have never been more needed.

Charities are anticipating a 24% loss in income this year which would mean a £12.4 billion loss to the sector as a whole. The proposal of a two-year Gift Aid Emergency Relief scheme is modelled on a previous successful Gift Aid Transitional Relief in 2008 (which saw Gift Aid increase to 28% for three years).

For example, the change would mean a £100 donation from a UK taxpayer would increase to £133.33 for the charity once Gift Aid has been claimed (compared to £125 as it is currently).

You can find more information on the campaign and how you can help here

Thank you for your support