Newly Diagnosed

Have you or a family member recently received a new diagnosis? We understand the information you have received may be new and confusing and it may be difficult to know where to go for further advice and information.

Our aim at the ED Society is to create a safe place for you to find answers to the questions piling up in your head. If you would like to suggest any other subjects we should cover or contribute by sharing your experience or information, please contact us.

Here are some links which you might find useful to begin with:

You might not want to know it all now. We’ll be here when you are ready to find out more.

You’re not on your own.

It would be helpful to us for you to complete a symptoms questionnaire and return it to us as soon as possible.  This enables us to easily answer any of your questions and concerns if we know as much as we can about you/your child.

Please follow the links below.  We have two forms, one which you can download and complete online and one which is a printable version.

Symptoms Questionnaire – Printable Version

Symptoms Questionnaire – Download & Complete

If you are completing online, please email to