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Cooling Aids


There are many inexpensive cooling products available such as battery-operated cooling mist dispensers, gel packs, head/neck bands containing water absorbing crystals which can be reused many, many times, etc.

Whether we have a scorching summer or a typical British summer, it will be hot for everyone who is affected by Ectodermal Dysplasia – but we can help them be prepared.

  • Drink water to stay hydrated – always take a refillable thermos of cool water with you
  • Wet yourself down – use a spray bottle of water, hose pipe – whatever you need to wet your clothing, hair, hat and body.
  • Wet T-Shirt – soak your t-shirt in water or pack a wet cotton t-shirt in a Ziploc bag to wear when hot.
  • Cool bandanas – Soak a bandana in water and wrap it around the back of your neck. You could also soak two bandanas and wrap one around each wrist.
  • Frozen cloths – Freeze wet flannels in a Zip lock bag. Take with you in a cooler. They will be thawed by the time you need them.
  • Terry cloth wrist bands – Soak them in water and wear on the wrists.
  • Spray bottle – Carry with you to spray on your body and cool down.
  • Hand held fan.
  • Instant shade – Determine if outdoor activities will have access to shade and water. If not, take a golf umbrella or a pop-up canopy to provide relief from the sun.
  • Damp towels – Take damp towels in a cooler. A damp towel around the neck brings quick relief.
  • Gallons of water- take bottles of water to outdoor events. Water can be used to drink, soak shirts or pour on the body.
  • Wear a wet cap/hat or you can purchase cooling caps.
  • Cooling vest – great when playing sport.
  • Cool gel packs – great for putting your feet on, especially for children in class at school.
  • Cool pads in car seats – Use to help keep babies and toddlers cool in the car.
  • Frozen Hot Water Bottle – great for cooling the bed.

If you use any other cooling aids we would love to hear from you, please email info@edsociety.co.uk

Cooling Vests

‘Cool suits’ would more properly be called ‘cool vests’.  There are several different types, all of which consist of a product that can be worn on the torso and in some cases, the head as well.  Generally, they are vest-like in design.  Evaporative cooling vests are typically submersed in water for around 3 – 5 minutes and lightly wrung out or blot dried.  They are usually worn outside the clothing and as the water in the vest interacts with specially treated cooling crystals or other cooling agents, the water evaporates and body temperature is effectively reduced.

Ice chilled cooling vests make use of cooling energy packs that are activated inside of a freezer and then placed in pockets inside of the cooling vest.

Because they are very cold to the touch, this type of cooling vest is always worn outside the clothes.

A phase change cooling vest makes use of cooling packs that maintain much higher temperatures.  These phase-change packs often contain liquids (typically nontoxic oils and fats) that solidify (like wax) typically between 55 to 65 degrees and usually last between 4 – 6 hours.

A cool flow cooling vest makes use of a water flow system that pumps water through the vest using hoses.

You will find a range of cooling products including hats, towels and vests with zippable sleeves (giving you a full jacket) on Amazon.