Most people affected by Ectodermal Dysplasia have normal vision and appear to have no greater need for glasses than anyone else. However, visual problems in Ectodermal Dysplasia may be caused by lack of tears, infections (conjunctivitis), corneal scars, cataracts and retinal changes. Dry eyes are a common problem and the use of artificial tears may be necessary. Crusting of the eyes can also be a problem and if this happens bathe them gently with a tepid saline solution. Sensitivity to light (photophobia) all year round can be painful for dry eyes, sunglasses or tinted glasses will help, alternatively try to stay in the shade. Irritation to the eye may be caused by eyelashes which grow in an abnormal direction (distichiasis), i.e. they curl inwards rather than out; this can be confirmed by an Optician. If there are any concerns, please discuss with your Optician or GP and a referral can be made to see an eye specialist (Ophthalmologist).

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