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Keeping Cool in Exams

students in an exam hall sat at desks. Female student at front seems stressed with her hands on her forehead

As spring and summer approach many parents begin to worry about their child overheating in school, college or university and not focusing or concentrating properly, especially when it comes to the exam period.

Obviously, children are not allowed to have a fan in the exam room as this may be a distraction to other children, making it near impossible for children affected by Ectodermal Dysplasia to complete their exam papers to their maximum ability.

We have a School Care Plan which explains the difficulties children affected by Ectodermal Dysplasia have and how they are affected by overheating. Producing a document such as this to the school will enable them to fully appreciate the difficulties with overheating and how it affects the child’s ability to focus and concentrate.

The thought of an affected child having to sit for a considerable time in an exam room full of children on a warm day is very worrying. Provision should be put in place whereby the affected child can take their exam in a different room where a fan can be used. During exam time it is possible for the school to have an invigilator on standby; if the child has begun the exam along with all their peers and realise they are struggling due to the heat, the clock can be stopped, the child taken to a different room and the clock restarted.

Looking to the future, if your child is heading off to university or higher education it is time to begin thinking of all the support they may need, such as extended library loan facility – so they can keep library materials for longer, applying for special exam arrangements e.g. extra time, rest breaks, etc.

Diana has had first hand experience of this crucial time in her children’s life when Joe, who is affected by ED, went off to Uni. You can read about this here – Are You Off to University or Higher Education?

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