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They Stopped Me From Being Put Into a Shelter

To the ED Society, especially Jaye…..

You guys have been nothing but amazing to us. I found Jaye and the ED Society’s Facebook group by chance, I hadn’t even had a diagnosis at this point (and still don’t.)

But, after explaining my daughter’s symptoms, the Society has done nothing but support us. All kinds of support such as daily chats, help and advice on how to cope with certain symptoms, and just more general knowledge on ED itself.

What we will be forever grateful for is the hours they put in to get us where we are today. I was made homeless with my daughter last May, fortunately, I knew this was coming so I was able to prepare somewhat.

I let Jaye know as soon as I did and she has worked with me every day, she has stopped me from being put into a shelter/hostel, and into a hotel instead with working air conditioning. She has helped with writing endless letters to housing officers and others to explain my daughter’s needs and what we need from a property.

After endless emails, with me crying to Jaye and honestly thinking there was no hope……. She won; she got me a house! We now have a modified house to accommodate people with additional needs, a WHOLE HOUSE, 2 bedrooms, and a garden!

I will be forever grateful for Jaye and this amazing team – Thank you!