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Jeans For Genes

Jeans for Genes Day raises funds from school children and employees who wear their jeans to school and work in exchange for a small donation.

You can get your school or workplace involved by signing up at https://www.jeansforgenesday.org/sign-up for your free fundraising pack. Put your jeans on and help us transform the lives of children with Ectodermal Dysplasia.

The money raised provides vital care and support for thousands of children living with genetic disorders.

The ED Society are part of the Jeans for Genes 50/50 income share scheme. We will be given half the proceeds from a Jeans for Genes Day event provided the school or workplace has been encouraged to take part by one of our members.

All the school or workplace have to do is select the ED Society’s name at the bottom of the Jeans for Genes Day registration page.

How the scheme works:

First, approach your local nursery, primary school, secondary school or workplace to see if they will hold a Jeans for Genes Day. Then speak with the key member of staff who organises charitable fundraising, to explain that

• you are supporting the initiative to fundraise for the ED Society and

• should the school hold a Jeans for Genes Day, half the money raised will support the ED Society’s families and half will support all those affected by a genetic disorder in the UK.

To ensure the school or workplace is linked to the ED Society, you must ask them to check that the Society has been selected from the list of affiliated partners at the bottom of the registration page when going to the Jeans for Genes Day SIGN UP page.

When this has been done, the school or workplace will be flagged on the database as being recruited by the ED Society. This means that the system will automatically allocate 50% of the income raised by the school or workplace to the ED Society.

Once the school or workplace confirm to you that they have signed up to hold a Jeans for Genes Day, you should inform the ED Society, so we can also keep a record of the schools and workplaces that have recruited us.

That’s it!

We hope you have an awesome day and raise much needed funds for the ED Society