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Jaye’s Hair Journey Part 2

before and after image of Jaye looking into the camera at the salon with her new long blonde hair

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Jaye travelled to Iconic Fckin Hair last week and began her hair mesh integration journey, and the transformation is insane!

There is no doubt Jaye was feeling very nervous on the morning, but once she arrived at the salon she soon became excited after seeing the other mesh transformations happening.

“She wanted to be one of those girls who got their hair back. Enjoy your new hair doll, you deserve it!” – Steph at Iconic said.

Today’s the day

“On the 8th July,  I went and had my hair mesh integration unit done with Steph at Iconic Fckin Hair. I was extremely nervous and also so excited. I wasn’t sure what I was going to look like or if I’d even suit long hair as I’d never known anything different to the fine, short hair I have. 

When I arrived, Steph and her team were so lovely and welcoming. They started chatting to me and asking how the drive was etc. making me feel at ease. There was a lady sitting next to me that travelled all the way from Ireland to see Steph to have her hair done, as she is truly a wizard with hair! They are such lovely girls!”

The process

“Steph started to do my hair and explained everything to me. She didn’t rush anything at all and gave me so much time. When the process started I felt very nervous until Steph put the topper on, and I instantly loved it!

This was going to be my hair….. long and gorgeous!

As the process went on, Steph made sure I was happy, she took lots of photos and videos, and I was so overwhelmed I cried! I think we both had a little cry together at how much of a difference it was. She helped show how to style it and did a few different styles to show me that you can also wear it up too.

I was just so amazed by it, this is really my hair. 

Obviously, compared to what I have been used to it’s heavy, but it hasn’t made me feel hotter than I normally would. In under a week I have already gotten used to it.”

You can head over to Instagram and watch the transformation here

You need to look after it

“I feel absolutely amazing and so overwhelmed. Steph gave me all the aftercare leaflets to take home and gave me all the advice I would need. She has also been at the end of any message I have, which is very reassuring. 

The system is all real hair so it is important you look after it like you would normal extensions, which to me is all very new! I have never had extensions, however Steph’s aftercare tips have helped me relax a lot! 

You only need to wash your hair once a week but no more than twice. You need to have it refitted every 8 to 10 weeks just as you would with hair extensions, as when your hair grows it will grow out and need to be placed back to the top. 

You aren’t just left to get on after having a hair system fitted, you still have additional support. She was absolutely fantastic and I would highly recommend Steph for anything hair related!”

New inner me

“I suggest researching the place you want to get it done at and all the reviews, as it is such a specialised system that it needs to be done correctly. You also want to feel comfortable and have ongoing support after.

I am in love with my new hair and so pleased I made the decision to get it done. It is definitely something you need to be committed to as you need to look after it very well. As long as you look after it, the hair can last up to a year and then you will need to have the hair replaced.

I have found a new inner me and feel so lucky to have found such an amazing hair system that I feel amazing and confident with.”

It brings us such joy here in the ED office to see the big smile on Jaye’s face after having her hair mesh integration fitted. When she came into the office we were just in awe!

We want to give a big shout out to Steph at Iconic too, what you do for these girls is amazing and we cannot thank you enough.

It has given her her confidence back, and she finally has the hair of her dreams!