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Become a Member

As a charity we want to provide free information and support about the Ectodermal Dysplasias to individuals, families, carers, professionals, schools and others.

Supporting the ED Society with regular membership and donations is the best way to secure the future of the Society enabling us to continue providing support to individuals and families.

The ED Society is a non-profit organisation which depends solely on donations for its existence.

You can help by:

  • becoming a member
  • donating
  • leaving a legacy
  • fundraising
  • volunteering
  • corporate support
  • providing much needed postage stamps
  • becoming part of the family network supporting individuals in your area
  • distributing leaflets to schools/professionals

We are grateful for any help you can give no matter how big or small.

Benefits of becoming a member

Full members will have

  • The opportunity to apply to the Support Fund (UK members only).
  • Free subscription to request printed literature (excluding the ED booklet).
  • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Help with completing Disability Living Allowance, Personal Indepdent Payment and Blue Badge application forms, together with assistance for appeals and tribunals.
  • Our members’ e-newsletter packed with the latest events and news.
  • The opportunity to apply for financial assistance to attend events provided by the Society, UK members only.
  • Access to our medical specialist network.

Overseas Membership

  • Those affected by an Ectodermal Dysplasia as well as those who have a more general interest who live outside the UK are very welcome to join.
  • Overseas membership is £25 per year to cover the costs of sending information to you via post.

Associate members will be:

  • kept up to date with news from the Society through their e-newsletter and e-mailings

How your Membership helps?

Your membership:

  • Enables the ED Society to provide the help and support individuals and families need.
  • Gives a voice to the thousands of people in the UK and overseas who live with Ectodermal Dysplasia by pushing for change in the recognition of Ectodermal Dysplasia and by sharing their experiences.
  • Enables the ED Society to produce informative literature.
  • Helps secure the future of the ED Society.

Join today

The more members we have,

the stronger our voice!

If any of your contact details change, please let us know info@edsociety.co.uk